The Electoral College was never going to save you, despite what you wanted to believe

December 2016
Peter Ditto, Professor of Psychology and Social Behavior, is quoted in Mashable over why people remain hopeful
of the possibility of the Electoral College voting against Donald Trump, despite evidence proving otherwise.
From Mashable:
Peter Ditto, a professor of psychology and social behavior at University of California, Irvine, compared Clinton
fans' hope in the Electoral College to Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare during President Barack Obama's
two terms in office. 
"I don't know if they believed it was going to work, but they hoped," Ditto said. 
And while the chances of an Electoral College stunner were never more than vanishingly small, Ditto said it made sense for fervent Clinton fans and
Trump detractors to hope. 
"This is just an absolutely natural thing that people do," he said. 

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