Financial Information

Program Cost

The total cost of the program is approximately $17,888. The cost includes a program fee of $8,000 (which covers administrative costs of the program, as well as reimbursement for GRE courses, reimbursement for conference travel, a career center alumni membership for UC alum, poster printing for conferences, computer lab printing, and event expenses - including meals at career panels and welcome/celebration dinners) and course fees of $9,888 ($309 per unit for a total of 32 units).  The program fee is due a few weeks before Fall classes start, and the individual course fees are due before the end of Week 2 of each quarter.

Students will pay anywhere from $9,236 ($8,000 program fee + $1,236 for one, 4-unit course) up to $12,944 ($8,000 program fee + $4,944 for four, 4-unit courses) for their first quarter of study (depending upon how many units they enroll in), and they will then pay anywhere from $1,236 to $4,944 for each of the subsequent quarters (again, depending upon how many units they enroll in for that particular quarter). 

Please note that the cost per unit/course is subject to change each year by the Office of Continuing Education.  For example, in 2017-2018, the cost of a 4-unit course was raised from $1201 to $1236 (and in 2016-2017, the cost of a 4-unit course was raised from $1196 to $1201).

Financial Aid

Because our post-bacc program is a certificate program (and not a degree-granting program), state and federal finanical aid is not available for our program.  However, private financing/loans is available through preferred UC lenders:     

Diversity Fellowship

A limited number of partial fellowships may be available to students who meet the UC definition of diversity, which includes individuals who are underrepresented in higher education with respect to race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, language, abilities/disabilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, and geographic region.  For more information on the UC definition of diversity, visit:  If you would like to be considered for one of these fellowships, please include a brief diversity statement (in a separate document; recommended length 250-500 words) in your application, in which you indicate why you believe you would be a good candidate for this fellowship.  In this statement, you may wish to comment on any specific circumstances about your background (e.g., special achievements, obstacles, and/or interruptions to your schooling that you overcame to complete your education to date), and you may wish to include how these experiences, your research interests, and/or your career objectives contribute to the University’s goal of diversity.

Veterans Benefits

Effective August 2017, the UCI Post-Baccalaurate Program in Psychology & Social Behavior is a VA approved program!  Students who would like to use their Chapter 35: Dependents Educational Assistance benefit or their Chapter 33: Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits may do so with our program.

Please note that although Chapter 35 and GI Bill benefits are available with our program, the Cal-Vet College Fee Waiver is not.  The UCI Post-Baccalaurate Program in Psychology & Social Behavior is self-supporting.  Under California law and University of California Policy, Cal-Vet College Fee Waiver benefits cannot be used towards UCI Division of Continuing Education programs or self-supporting UC programs.  The Cal-Vet College Fee Waiver applies only to system-wide tuition and fees charged for state supported UC programs.  Please visit the California Department of Veterans Affairs website for more information about the Cal-Vet Waiver:

Please contact Karen Tseng, the school certifying official for UCI Division of Continuing Education, at if you have additional questions about veterans benefits.

Deferring Existing Student Loans while in our Program

For those of you interested in deferring your existing student loans while in post-bacc program, please note that UCI Continuing Education does not automatically report your enrollment to the National Student Clearinghouse.  However, to defer your existing student loan payments, you may request a letter from the UCI Continuing Education Records Office to verify your enrollment at the start of the program.  If you need a deferment letter for each quarter, UCI Continuing Education can do that as well.  The letter explains that UCI Continuing Education does not receive Title IV aid but does provide the start/end dates of registration, the total units and your status (full time, part time, etc.)  The lender will review the document and make their decision to defer your loans.  If your lender has a form to defer loans, please forward that to UCI Continuing Education as well (they will verify that their letter provides all the information required on the form).


Post-bacc students are not eligible for on-campus housing; however, we do have several suggestions of places you can look for housing and/or roommates:  1)  The Psychology and Social Behavior facebook group; 2) The University of California, Irvine group facebook group; 3) The University HIlls website (; 4) The UCI Off Campus Housing website (; 5)  Craigslist (; 6) (; 7) The Apartment Guide (; and 8)  The Apartment List (  Also, if you are accepted to the program, we will help connect you with other post-bacc students who may also be looking for a place to live, in the event that you wish to search for an apartment/house together.