Trump Supporters, Come to Therapy with Me?

November 2016

Jessica Borelli, Associate Professor of Psychology and Social Behavior, wrote an op-ed piece for The Huffington Post, urging readers to facilitate therapy-like conversations with others in regards to the divided opinions of this year's elections. By doing so, readers will have a more compassionate and empathetic response to others and be more likely to understand different perspectives towards the outcomes of this election.

Photo Credit: The Huffington Post


What went on at the hospital that 'experimented' on child patients?

July 2016

Elizabeth Loftus, Distinguished Professor of Social Ecology, was quoted in BBC Magazine about the use of a sodium amytal, also known as a "truth serum," on child patients at a psychiatric hospital in the 1960s and 70s.

From BBC Magazine:

"It is not a truth serum," says Professor Elizabeth Loftus, an expert in memory from the University of California, Irvine. "When it comes to the recovery of pristine, accurate, allegedly repressed memories, it's a danger.


Chen named Chancellor's Professor

Chuansheng Chen, Professor of Psychology and Social Behavior, has been named a UCI Chancellor's Professor. This title recognizes Chen as an exceptional scholar who has demonstrated unusual academic merit and has high promise for continued achievement. Chen is a developmental psychologist interested in cultural variations in developmental trajectories.