Thursday, January 26, 2012

The 2012 Society for Personality and Social Psychology conference will feature a symposium co-chaired by graduate student Brittany Liu and department Chair Peter Ditto:

Subjective science: Ideological influences on the interpretation of data and potential solutions

Chair: Brittany Liu, University of California, Irvine
Co-Chair: Peter H. Ditto, University of California, Irvine

The partisan battles that dominate American politics are fueled by huge discrepancies in factual beliefs. This multidisciplinary symposium includes scholars using a variety of methodological approaches to examine the psychological and behavioral sources of subjective interpretations of science in political contexts, as well as possible solutions for decreasing such bias. symposium info

Additionally, please visit our many poster sessions (click Read More below for details).

Jeff Cho: More than one way to become one: Perspective Taking and Bidirectional Self-Other Merging

Cory Clark: Motivated Belief in Free Will, Fate, and Scientific Determinism

Dana Garfin: What factors influence the desire for social distance from a peer with a DUI?

Matt Hunt: The Feeling of Restriction: Embodied Reactance, Claustrophobia, and Resistance to Attitude Change

Vanessa Juth: The social context of traumatic events: A dyadic stress model of parents and children exposed to natural disasters

Robin Kaplan: Emotion and subjective memory confidence: Examining the role of specific emotions

*Christopher Marshburn: Speaking of Race: Confronting Race in Interpersonal Interactions

Andrew Mastronarde:Speaking the right moral language: The effects of framing moral arguments using the five moral foundations

Christina Pedram: Defensive Religiosity and Cooperative Behaviors

*Jacob Shane: Perceptions of past, present, and future social status: Causal conceptions and control strivings as mediators

Karen Wu: Crossing Color Lines for Your Love of Me: Interracial Daters’ High Levels of Perceived Positive Regard from Romantic Partners

*GSC Student Poster Award finalists